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Aug 18, 2017

Every parent out there knows that the job of parenting can affect your physical and emotional well being in both a positive and negative way.  The difference between good kids and bad kids is a slippery slope, especially when it comes to shaping the psychology of healthy children.

To guide us through this subject, we welcome back Dr. Gregory Canillas to the show!

Anyone who has followed this program knows that Dr. Canillas set my show on fire the last time he came through to discuss relationships.  In fact, after 115 shows, that show is still the highest rated and downloaded show I've ever had.

Dr. Canillas is currently teaching in a doctoral program in Applied Clinical Psychology at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology (Los Angeles campus) and is an Adjunct Professor of Psychology at Pepperdine University and National University. 

He is a frequent presenter at regional, national and international conferences on parenting and relationship issues, foster care, domestic trafficking of children, intimate partner violence, substance abuse, psychological treatment and ethnic minority populations and LGBTQ issues.  

He has served as a Program Director at several nonprofit organizations, overseeing the child and adult therapy programs and pregnant/parenting teen programs.  Dr. Canillas has also served as a Children's Social Worker with the Department of Children and Family Services, as a Clinical Psychologist with the Department of Mental Health, and later as the Clinical Director of a family preservation program. 

He currently serves on the Commission on Youth and Children (Long Beach, California), a body that advises the Mayor and city council on issues of importance to children, adolescents and families in that city.

Jul 14, 2017

It is often said that the key to finding health, abundance, healing, and a happy life is all in the mind.  Yet, how many of us are actually capable of accessing these aspects of existence?  How many of us are able to enjoy these states of being on a consistent basis as opposed to a fleeting moment?

Today we welcome back Dr. David James to the show.  Dr. James' passion is to see us make amazing changes in our lives.  His latest book, Discovering Your Magnificent Mind, shows us how to tap into the unused powers of our mind to achieve our greatest desires. 

Dr. James practices hypnotherapy and psychotherapy in Beverly Hills, California as part of the New Visions Medical Group.  He is the author of two previous books on the spiritual life of men and has written articles for journals and magazines on the intersection of psychology and spirituality.


Jun 28, 2017

Fake news isn't just a term given to the political arena.   There's tons of fake news and propaganda that fatten the pockets of many in the health and wellness business as well!

People expect to learn information about nutrition and health to improve their lives, yet we live in a world filled lies and fallacies being promoted by the diet and supplement industries? The net result of these lies and fallacies is worsening of our health and associated diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, strokes, etc. Also, obesity continues to escalate along with its associated health problems. What is the truth? How do you get information on health and nutrition that is going to help you, not just increase the pocket books of the diet and nutrition industries?

We welcome Dr. Lewis Meline to the show help us figure it out.  Dr. Meline is a medical doctor and expert on nutrition and health. He recognized these issues and published a book exposing the lies and fallacies of the diet and supplement industries called Lies Exposed: The Truth About Dieting, Supplements, Weight Loss, and Exercise

Tune in for an awesome show!


Jun 20, 2017

What if I told you that after listening to this podcast, you can have an hour long orgasm?  What if you could cure erectile dysfunction or have unlimited ejaculation control? Would you be interested in finding out more about humanities incredible sexual potential?  

Today we welcome the sexpert, Eyal Matsliah to the podcast to share some of the amazing possibilities we have at our disposal.

Eyal Matsliah, is a sexuality expert and a human potential coach.  He is the author of Orgasm Unleashed – Your guide to pleasure, healing and power,  an orgasm guide for women, which has been endorsed by sexuality industry leaders such as Layla Martin and Bonnie Bliss. Eyal has been studying and practicing different modalities of tantra, sacred sexuality, healing, yoga, coaching, and meditation since 2000, and has helped thousands of people all over the world as a sexual healer, coach, author, speaker and workshop facilitator.

May 23, 2017

Are you a super busy, high-stressed, and hungry go-getter that would like to calm down and stop struggling with annoying habits and triggers?  Well this is the show for you!

We welcome Lisa Lewtan to the show to talk about her book, Busy, Stressed, and Food Obsessed!  Using the skills she developed as a successful technology entrepreneur, Lisa self-hacked her own mind and body to restore her health after collapsing from the relentless stress. She then went on to feel better than ever and help other highly successful, hungry go-getters to slow down, chill-out, develop a better relationship with food and stress, look good, and feel great.

May 16, 2017
Did you know that you can accelerate your workout results by getting your subconscious mind to collaborate? So, the more you engage your mind in the process of any goal or ambition, the faster the results!
Do you need a guide through the maze of modern-day food and lifestyle choices to make more informed decisions about how to best fuel and inspire your family’s vitality and achieve harmony and wellness?
Dr. LindaJoy Rose joins the show to discuss these concepts and much more!  Dr. LJ is a therapist, author, professional speaker, international trainer, and healthy living expert with over 25 years of experience. As the former Director of International Development for the American Board of Hypnotherapy, she is a pioneer in the field of subconscious dynamics and clinical hypnotherapy, implementing training and certification in many countries across Europe, Latin America and Asia.
She has published numerous books and has appeared on Daytime TV and over 75 eHow videos. Most recently, she has pioneered an affordable online Holistic Health & Life Coaching program and S-Tox™: A Smarter Way to Detox.
May 8, 2017

Is disease hereditary?  Are we going to have heart disease, or cancer just because it runs in our family?  Are we going to be overweight, just because our parents may have had issues with weight?  Are we just automatically sentenced to a predisposed state of well being with no control over it?

We welcome Dr. Renee Rivard, a nutritional genomics specialist and health coach to the podcast to discuss this and much more. 

Dr. Rivard helps people understand how food can be used to control their genes so that they can reduce weight, symptoms and medication use - naturally.  She is especially passionate on demonstrating which foods literally modify your mind and moods, and disrupt your body's natural ability to protect you ultimately preventing you from ever reaching your full potential.

Apr 30, 2017

How does a guy from New Jersey, living the corporate life, leave his successful career and have the desire to find a more meaningful purpose in his life?  What empowered him to leave the comforts that his well paying job and lifestyle to become a student of personal development techniques? 

Michael Kohan joins the show to share this journey with us.   In 1998, while at Rutgers, he took his first yoga class. While this formed a strong impression, his serious pursuit of the practice did not begin until a few years later. He became enchanted by the beautiful practice of asana yoga and noticed how yogic discipline and philosophy helped him live a more peaceful life.  

He began to realize that his purpose is to serve others through his teaching, by encouraging students to become steadfast in their own practices while integrating them into their day-to-day lives. 

Tune in for an awesome show!


Apr 24, 2017
Marijuana is a controversial subject that has many misconceptions regarding its use.  Dr. Rachna Patel joins the show to shed some much needed light on the subject!
Dr. Patel has been practicing in the area of Medical Marijuana since 2012.
She walks her patients through how to use medical marijuana for their specific medical condition without getting high off of it, without getting addicted to it, and without smoking it.
She speaks from the experience of having treated thousands of patients and having thoroughly reviewed the medical research on marijuana.
She completed her medical studies at Touro University College of Osteopathic Medicine (Vallejo, California) and her undergraduate studies at Northwestern University (Evanston, Illinois).
Apr 20, 2017

Is it really possible to defy aging?  Can we really be healthy, lean, and sexy at any age?  

Dr. Shirley Picarreto joins the show to discuss just that.  Dr. Picarreto is the author of the the international best seller Healthy, Lean and Sexy at Any Age.  She's a  Doctor of Naturopathy and has a BS in Health and Wellness Counseling.  She is also a Certified Herbalist and Weight Loss Coach who has been helping people create healthy bodies, minds and spirits for over 30 years now.

Listen in as we debunk some of the common myths and misconceptions about how we age and why, with simple lifestyle and nutritional modifications, we can be healthy and sexy forever!

Apr 17, 2017

The Optimized Condition welcomes McCartney Green back to the show!

If you all remember, McCartney and I had every intention on discussing her 7 keys to becoming a manifesting magnet on our last show and we had such a great time chatting it up that we completely didn't get to those keys!  So she is coming back to the show to finally get to how we can manifest all that we desire.

McCartney is the author of 11 books, a speaker and Life Transformation Coach, and mother of 7!  She loves helping people to change their lives through a simple formula by learning to have unshakeable joy or having joy no matter what the outside circumstances are. 


Apr 10, 2017

We hear a lot about how our ego can get in the way of our success.  But how can we control our ego to gain what we truly want to achieve?

Todd Lemense, author of Lose Your Ego, Gain the World joins the podcast to discuss just that!

Todd is a business and motivational speaker with a specialization in personal accountability and business accountability. He is also an expert in ego control and keeping things in proper perspective. He has received national speaker awards and spoke to more than 500 corporations.

Todd Lemense

Apr 1, 2017

Let's face it. We ALL binge eat. Who hasn't eaten the entire bag of chips, or the tub of iced cream, or the entire box of cookies when we intended on just having a little taste? Who hasn't, on occasion, drank a 2 liter of soda or juice when all you set out for was to have a cup? Listen, it happens to the best of us!

But this mentality isn't the mentality for someone who aims to lose weight. I'm pretty sure this isn't how a thin person thinks.

Today we welcome Dr. Glenn Livingston to the show. Dr. Livingston Glenn Livingston, Ph.D. is a veteran psychologist and was the long time CEO of a multi-million dollar consulting firm which has serviced several Fortune 500 clients in the food industry. Dr. Livingston spent several decades researching the nature of binge and overeating through work with his own patients and also a self-funded research program with more than 40,000 participants.  Most important, however, was his own personal journey out of obesity and food prison to a normal, healthy weight and a much more lighthearted relationship with food.

His book, Never Binge Again is for anyone who has struggled with food, had difficulty sticking with a healthy diet, or have successfully lost weight before only to gain it all back.  The key?  Caging the beast, or simply isolating and permanently disempowering your "fat thinking self."  


Mar 15, 2017

I always envisioned a conversation with a monk to be quite different than the conversation that I had with Vishnu Swami.  Just by talking to Vishnu, it is clearly evident why he's called the Maverick Monk.  His energy and radical perspective helps him relate to millennials, self-improvement enthusiasts, and working professionals alike.

So what can a swami teach us about health and wellness?  Truthfully, a ton!  

Vishnu and I discuss his latest book, Eternal Dharma, where he presents his Unprecedented Elemental Reality System that enables us to utilize ancient teachings in the modern world.  These principals apply not only to the spiritual components of our life, but the practical, everyday choices that we make in our approach to health and wellness.

Feb 20, 2017
Fungus?  Really?  Sure I've heard of fungus and mold, but to see how they can be detrimental to your health on such a significant level was really eye opening for me.  Can you imagine going through years searching for a way to feel better without any luck?
Today's guest can relate to this.  Erin Porter is the founder of Eat, Pray, Get Well and had endured 25 years of chronic illness, endured many unnecessary surgeries and had been on over 100 courses of antibiotics until she found her root cause, Fungus (aspergillomas in her sinuses).  After much research she realized this fungus was systemic, causing MANY of her other health issues she previously thought were unrelated.
She has been recently featured on two national TV shows including PBS American health journal as well as many radio/podcasts within the short time EPGW has gone live.
Feb 14, 2017

Marijuana is becoming one of the most researched substance in regards to health and wellness today.  However, a lot of the discussion focuses on the legality of marijuana and the concern that it is a gateway drug to harder, more dangerous drugs.

But, did you know that there is a component of cannabis that is legal in 50 states, is non addictive and also has many amazing health uses?  It's called CBD or cannabidiol.  Here to talk about this overlooked compound is Dawn Peacock Owens. Dawn is the Co-Founder of the CBD Talk Podcast and Haven CBD  Haven CBD was created to inform people with the most updated information on CBD and its uses.  Dawn uses her experience and invites those on the forefront of CBD research to prove the public with the information they need to make informed decisions for their use of CBD.



Feb 8, 2017
The Optimized Condition welcomes Dr. Mary Wingo to the show!  Dr. Wingo is a scientist and author of the book "The Impact of the Human Stress Response." She earned a Ph.D. in human stress research from The University of North Texas. In 2014, She emigrated to Ecuador, and was introduced to a new and very different society. 
This opened her eyes to the unsustainable social, economic, and political costs preventable stress causes in the modern world. Dr. Wingo's aim is to clearly explain to the public the biological mechanisms behind the stress response, as well as its staggering costs to society.
On today's show we will discuss her book  which is the first analysis in history covering the scientific, biological, sociological, political, and economic ramifications of stress in modernized society.  
Jan 2, 2017
TWU Radio welcomes Joseph Holmes to the show!  Joseph is a survivor of adolescent sexual, emotional and physical abuse. He joins the show to discuss how he was able to overcome a nervous breakdown, followed by a period of deep depression to eventually become aware of the angels around him.  His latest book, Love Notes For Your Soul, is a story of “Angel Interventions” and transformation available to all of us. It is a story about turning our lives around by listening to our hearts and intuition, specifically by tuning into what our angels are telling us. 
Dec 8, 2016
The understanding of mental illness has come a long way.  Yet, the stigma attached to having a mental illness continues to be profound.  Today's guest Mike Veny is America's leading mental health speaker who aims to show how having a mental illness is an asset, not a disadvantage. Mike is a mental health speaker and blogger for He has struggled with mental health challenges for his entire life, yet he has managed to find success and fulfillment. His advocacy work has been featured on ABC news, CBS news, and has given a TEDx talk on mental health. He's known for delivering educational, engaging, and entertaining presentations to meetings and conferences throughout the world.
Dec 8, 2016
Walking is making a comeback!  Can something so simple really be the key to lasting health? Because we work long hours, most of us have trouble finding the time to go to the gym. Fewer than 25% of Americans meet minimum recommended goal of an hour of moderate to vigorous exercise a day. Paul Michaels was no different.  He was a desk-sitter working 8-12 hours a day with an ever expanding waistline and plummeting wellness. He was desperate for ways to hack back his wellness without turning to ineffective supplements, unnecessary medications, and wacky diets. Walking was his key.  Listen in as he shares how he discovered a way to get in exercise in your daily routine without having to drastically change your current lifestyle.  
Dec 7, 2016
Dealing with an aging loved one is quite difficult.  As the population gets older and lives longer, the epidemic of declining cognitive function is rapidly rising.  It is a need that needs to be addressed or the consequences can be dire not only economically, but emotionally for those who take care of their loved ones. TWU Radio welcomes Curtis Walker to the show.  Curtisis the author of Courageous Caregiver: Support, Encouragement, and Tools to Aid Our Heroes Who Partake in Home Healthcare For Those With Dementia. This writing project was conceived out of his personal journal that he kept as he engaged in personal caregiving for his sister.  
Dec 1, 2016
All Game of Thrones fans know the ominous saying "Winter is coming".  Whenever it is mentioned, a feeling of dread descends onto the scene.  In our world, winter isn't that pleasant either.  In fact, as far as our health goes, it can be a really difficult time. Today we welcome Gina Van Luven to the show to help us navigate these winter hurdles.  Gina is an international wellness speaker, author and Board Certified Health Coach. For over a decade, she has been working with a wide variety of clients from CEOs and top executives to stay-at- home moms and dads, guiding them to live healthier, happier lives.    
Nov 28, 2016
Abuse isn't always physical.  Emotional abuse is one of the most powerful, unspoken, yet frequent forms of mistreatment of people.  Often disregarded as being an unnecessary topic to address, numerous forms of anxiety, chronic depression and even post-traumatic stress disorder have all stemmed from this.  Alexis Nicole White is dedicated to raising awareness to emotional health in relationships particularly focusing on improving the quality of relationships. She is an entrepreneur, inspirational speaker and entertainment personality.  Today we will be discussing her book, The Covered, her memoir aimed at raising the awareness of these abuses as it is disguised in forms of deceit, mischief and betrayal.
Nov 23, 2016
Unfortunately, we see a lot of negative aspects of religion nowadays.  Yet terrorism and sexual abuse aren't the only things that qualify as negative aspects of religion.   We welcome Dr. Paul DeBlassie to discuss the sometimes subtle dynamics of religion that are often overlooked.  Paul is the author of the multiple award-winning novel, The Unholy, a story that explores the dark side of religion. He is a Ph.D. in clinical psychology and specializes in treating survivors of religious trauma, The Unholy dramatizing the ravages of such suffering and the human capacity to heal and potentially discover personal and spiritual freedom. Listen in as we discuss this intriguing area of the human experience and potential transformation.
Nov 16, 2016
Do you think that you have "IT".  Do you even know what "IT" is?  Does everyone have "IT"?  Well, to help us answer these simple, yet powerful questions is the confidence master, Todd Thomas. Todd has been coaching and training high performance professionals for over 15 years. Through his extensive experience he has created proven and unique systems that includes key mental methods and innovative techniques that have helped thousands of individuals and groups reach levels of performance and mental toughness they never thought possible. Todd is the author of two books. His latest book “Tired of Having It, But Not Using It?” was written specifically those who know that they have what it takes, but keep falling short. And for those who may already be wildly successful, but know there's always room for improvement so they can be the best of the best.   
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